Thursday, February 13, 2014


So this happened. [credit to Justin... not sure he has anything I can pimp, like twitter or whatever]

Bozak's Hot Show is running this shit now.
[btw the trade I proposed was like Ryan Getzlaf and Dion Phaneuf for Burns and Byfuglien]

And here's the standings.

So basically, this FlyGuyzz dude figured out the league and has been shockingly keeping pace with me for the last month or so. Then again, I benched my team for an entire fucking week and this guy is still almost 400 points back. So uh, ya know... "keeping pace" isn't going to cut it.

The league hasn't occupied much of my time for the last while because, well, look!

Poor Nave31 dropped back into last place and it's looking pretty dire for his band of misfit toys and useless NHL scum. Better luck next time you fucking ASSHOLE.

I guess I should bench my team for another week or so, and then maybe I'll post the link to this blog on the league board. I want all of these awful idiots to know just how much garbage I'm talking about them.

Hm maybe I should make my email address not be public to them. Yeah I think so. NO MAIL BOMBS.

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