Wednesday, January 15, 2014

But Tyler Bozak sucks...?

So one of the great things that really made me realize how much fun I was going to have with this league was that all of these loser players who no one would ever draft and who really just kinda suck big bag are ranked soooo highly because of meaningless stats like hits or blocks or face-offs [which aren't as useless but still way overrated].

One of those guys was Tyler Bozak, who is a mediocre 2nd liner being used as an elite 1st liner on an awful team [gee I wonder why they suck]. He was ranked 22nd in the entire game based on total points accumulated last season - mainly thanks to his absurd number of face-off wins. 22nd amongst all skaters!!! That's how crazy this point system is.

So this season, he's been hurt and thus his totals aren't nearly what they were last year [he ranks about 122nd amongst all skaters in total points]. HOWEVER - if you use the much-better-for-analyzing points-per-game stat, Bozak pops all the way up to... 9th in the fucking league.

This is all rambly for the sake of it, but there's a point.

The guy in 2nd place, the guy who has actually shown some aptitude for adapting to the league's insane point structure, decided to fucking drop him! Looking at his team, Tyler Bozak actually ranks TOPS amongst all of his skaters in average points over the past month. And he's just going to drop him!

I feel a bit conflicted here because I absolutely hate Tyler Bozak. He's the poster-child for everything that's wrong with the Leafs right now... but man, he's just got so much value in this league!

So I threw in a claim for him. I'll find out on Sunday whether or not I get him.

If I do win the bid, I'm going to rename my team in his honour.

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