Thursday, November 7, 2013

Getting chirpy

I'm a bit bored with the league right now because I'm so easily winning it.

So I decided to start chirping a bit more on the forum.

It started simply enough, with "I'm better than you", "you're all losers", "your parents hate you because you can't win at fantasy sports" kind of things, nothing too personal. But, no responses. So I figured I'd ask straight up what the situation was...

Some quick digging [ie: looking at these guys' user profiles] would show that they're all males [or chicks with male names] and every one of them has been in multiple hockey leagues on yahoo before [including one guy who's been in 91!!! leagues].

Let's see if this starts more of a ruckus. It'd be nice if these guys put in some effort, y'know?

By the way I'm now in first place by 150 points.

I think once I hit a lead of 300+ points, I'm going to bench MY ENTIRE TEAM for a week to see if these idiots can actually catch up.

That is if the commish of the league doesn't beat me to it due to my being such an asshole to them.



  1. I'm dying here. "the champ is here" Brilliant.

    What's that guy's photo of, anyway?

    1. Pretty sure it's a blonde Asian woman with no top on screaming.