Monday, October 28, 2013

Week four

I have now doubled my lead within the last week.

So I'm well over a triple-digit lead after dabbling in it for the last couple of weeks, and that's just fun.

My team finally is starting to produce some points [still 5th in goals, but up to 4th in assists, 7th in shots]... it's still the face-offs which are winning me the league.

Yup. So pretty much my face-offs are giving me a 100+pt lead by themselves... and yet, amazingly, no one has made moves to help. I kind of understand - no one wants to drop guys like Marty St Louis or James van Riemsdyk for Mark Arcobello, based on name value alone - but it's still stupid. Names mean nothing if the results aren't there!

My point proven: of the top 25 skaters in points in the league, 22 are full-time centres, and one is a part-time C. The only ones who AREN'T are Alexander Ovechkin [1st in SOG, 1st in G], Evander Kane [3rd in SOG, 6th in hits] and Alexander Steen [who has played C this year but isn't a primary C - and also is 1st in G].

I've now started posting derogatory messages on the board in order to try and liven things up, but I think these guys are actually smart[!] enough to not respond to my obvious trolling, because they have absolutely no legs to stand on. That's right, I'm beating up on a bunch of damn amputees.

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  1. That face off table is hilarious.

    Part of me wants the people in the league to see this blog, but not until March or so. Can't ruin the fun too early!