Sunday, November 17, 2013

Random update time!

Look at this beatdown right here...

So, eighth place is nearly 500 points back, so he's toast forever. Seventh is just about 400 back, he's done. I mean they're all done but the degree at which these guys are smoked is unreal, considering we're only six or seven weeks into the season [I forget how many because who cares]. 217 points up on 2nd place is a yawner.

I worried that these guys had rolled over and just quit updating, especially after I successfully rebuked their awful attempts at making me feel bad about the absolute shitkicking I'm laying down on them. BUT THEN over the past 24 hours, a bunch of teams made some moves - and in some cases, very SMART moves that I would've made had I not already had a team so stacked I'm like a fine plate of hot cakes.

Check it:
Douchebag in 6th place picked up Ryan Johansen over Brenden Gallagher. Shrewd move, as Gallagher is so much fun to watch but is useless in this league [running at under 3.0 avg points vs Johansen who is double that]. Johansen gets face-offs and is RW eligible. Cha-ching.

Idiot in 5th with the unreadable name picked up Paul Stastny and Brandon Dubinsky over Max Pacioretty and Andrew Ladd. Neither of those two dropees are in the top 25 *available FAs* in average points-per-game, so the fact that they were even on a roster this late into the season is awful. Dubinsky is in the top 25 *overall* players and can be used as an LW, so that's definitely a top pick-up.

Even with these moves, Wingdings guy here managed to drop Frans Nielsen for Shane Doan, which is ridiculous as Nielson is a top 25 player and though Doan is decent, he will drop once his goal production dries up. Nielsen averages more than two extra points per game over Doan.

Also a bunch of other morons made lateral moves like dropping Toby Enstrom for Cam Fowler. Oh, and the fucking twat in eighth place had Michael Del Zotto [he of the recent healthy scratches] being used *AS A UTILITY PLAYER* up until this week, when he dropped him. My goodness.

SO anyway, I think my plan of "benching the entire team for a week" will come into effect, maybe sooner than I had anticipated!

Should be fun.

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