Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fancy stats


free fuckin' lube fancystats via Extra Skater

I haven't posted for awhile because holidays and lack of interest... but yeah.

My guys are almost all positive goal differential at 5v5 play, and almost all positive possession players... only three of them are below-average on their own squads, owing mostly to quality of competition faced [Phaneuf/Hanzal] and otherwise because the entire team is so awesome [Backes]. Basically I rule.

Anyway, I benched my entire team over the Christmas break and only lost about 75pts of ground [owing to the shortened schedule]... and then unbenched them because fuck this shit, I'm going to massacre these idiots as much as possible. I know it's not so fun, but shit who cares right?

Anyway my team is awesome, an embarrassment of riches. Why should I sacrifice glory and a gigantic point differential because I feel bad for these fuck sticks? It's not my fault that they suck.

Yeah whatever


  1. How was your Christmas gift to the unwashed Yahoo! Sports masses received?

  2. No one seemed to notice, despite my advertising it as much as I could. I'm close to just re-naming my team "you guys are garbage" or something.