Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014/15 Draft

So our draft was scheduled for Sunday Oct 5. Unfortunately, the idiot commish didn't bother opening the league up to the public, and we were left with three teams, so Yahoo cancelled the draft. The commish didn't even bother attending, and thus no new date was set.

I check back tonight to see when the new date is and motherfucker, the draft is already going on. This is awful. Terrible. I panic. Oh god.

I join the draft in round fucking 14. 14!!!!!!!!! This is my worst nightmare*. I check out my team and what do I see?

Sidney Crosby and a bunch of wingers. Even my fucking C that were autodrafted for me play wing. NO FUCKING FACEOFF WINS. So I'm naturally panicking. I start browsing other teams, desperate to try and make some deals.

Then some idiot starts chirping about how he's going to walk away with the league and all of the other GMs are idiots.

That's right: there's a me in this draft, and it's not me. This is so fucking meta.

I check out his team, and holy fuck, this guy really IS me!!! Dude has six skaters from my team last year: Claude Giroux, Anze Kopitar, David Backes, Matt Duchene, Mikko Koivu and Shea Weber. That's unbelievable! Almost half his damn roster!

Anyway, so I finish the draft by selecting a bunch of guys who finished top 50 in points last year [that's right, rounds 15-20 in a draft I got five top 50 guys] and take a look at the damage.

This is going to be ugly.

*[it's not nearly close to it, but let's just pretend for the purposes of this post, ok?]


  1. I like the apparent desperation of drafting Derek Stepan.

  2. 17th round selection, stashed on IR, first line C, no issues there.

    [I probably should've picked up Jordan Staal while I was at it]