Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day one

So day one didn't go exactly as expected.

I mean, my expectations were high. I fully figured that I'd have an insurmountable lead after one day.

Anyway, I'm fourth after day one. Carey Price and Devan Dubnyk really shat the beds last night. It was awful. Goal after goal. Brutal.

I did only have three d-men skating and yet still finished fourth even with those two turds from the goalies, so I'm not too displeased.

I proposed a trade, to give up Jordan Staal for Brent Burns. Yeah I don't think the guy will accept it because Burns is awesome, and shit I don't even really need Burns, but I want him. Probably not a great idea to start making moves with my heart rather than my head but fuck you I'm going to do it anyway.

Callahan is on the IR, right, I forgot about that, so now he's useless to me. Well, Landeskog will just get plucked up again and used in the interim, or I just won't use anyone. Who cares, I'm awesome

Fuck it! I'm already the damn crowned king in this bitch

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  1. Burns is a beast. Get him. Don't deny what your heart is telling you.