Saturday, October 19, 2013

Trading update

So this idiot named his team "BeLeafers", I guess because he wanted everyone to know just how much of a moron he is without actually having to talk to him or look at his team.

Anyway he was, along with the league commish [who's team name is some incomprehensible wingding font nonsense], pretty much the only worry I had when it came to winning the league. He drafted some solid players but apparently just has no idea what the hell he's doing when it comes to actually running the team.

He drafted Brent Burns, a first line power forward who gets a point-per-game BUT has D eligibility - and is mentally challenged enough to actually use him as a FORWARD. That's a damn insult to fantasy sports. And I'm not trying to badmouth the mentally challenged here, really, but I feel as though I might be doing just that by lumping this toolbox in with them. I'm sorry, guys.

So I've been attempting to pry Burns out of the grubby paws of this twat since the league began. I've gone so far as to offer BOTH Patrice Bergeron and Ryan Callahan for Burns. Yes, that's how stacked my team is!

His response was to propose a new deal - John Tavares and Matt Duchene for Burns and Corey Perry. He also included a little message: "lol bergeron a 4th liner n callahan broken arm out 3m i'm not stupid". I'm sure he was hoping that his word usage would convince me of his intelligence. This trade would, after tonight, see me dealing 104 points away and being given 64 points in return. I'm assuming he's offering the dumbest trade he can think of because he's "offended" by my proposal [which would see me trade 60pts away for 34pts], but his inclusion of Perry makes me think that maybe he actually believes that this is a fair trade.

I responded by re-proposing the initial trade - which is a net loss for me any way you slice it - and adding a note that "You quite obviously are stupid."

[btw I'm now up by 70 points, and this guy who can't figure out that playing a top line RW in a D slot is not even something you should have to think about is in 2nd place - THIS is what I'm dealing with]

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  1. I laughed out loud at "You quite obviously are stupid."

    You need to rescue the beast that is Burns from this guy's moronic clutches.