Wednesday, October 16, 2013



1st place again after running an 80 point night through last night

Including finally a goalie win! Holla!!!! Carey Price you my boy

Best part tho:

still 6th in goals
5th in assists
7th in shots
8th in wins
8th in goals allowed


i have 111 points for face-offs... 111.20 to be exact! that's 556 face-off wins... it's two weeks into the season! that's 271 more than the next guy, and 54.2 points more than the next guy... what an embarrassment

these guys are so fuckin dumb

i mean i give credit - the one guy seems to have picked all of the dudes with high shooting [he has a 40 shot lead on 2nd place], but he didn't exploit it nearly enough to make it worth having it as his draft strategy...

basically the end result is that my method is still the obvious best method and the other gms had all the time in the world to figure this out [and in fact a simple look at the player screen would've illuminated the obviousness of it] but they're braindead so ya know they really shat the bed


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