Monday, October 7, 2013

Week one

I'll just assume that this week will be titled "growing pains" as the team is nowhere near where I had hoped they'd be after six days of INTENSE ACTION.

[oh yeah - my team name is "free fuckin lube" because I'm about to fuck these guys uppppp]

Yeah look at this bush league horseshit. Fourth? That's like dead fuckin last to me.

But there's some hilarity here still... shit, we're in fourth despite being pathetic in goals [5th], and assists [7th] - the two highest-reward offensive categories - as well as dead last in wins [highest-rewarded stat], goals against [the only minus category], and fifth in saves.

That pretty much means that I'm in the upper half of the league based entirely on face-off wins and hits. The system works!

So when my team finally figures out that they need to get some fucking points, and not get by on their dumbass looks, I'm going to be sitting pretty.

These idiots don't even know what's comin.

Other note: I picked up Lars Eller as a spare forward. I don't have him in the line-up for week two but he's a solid add.

Oh and the idiot who has Burns won't trade him to me. He needs to go eat decroded piece of crap

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  1. That guy in sixth, is he a glitch in the matrix or something?